Hi Floks,

Firstly thanks for reading and secondly if this is in the wrong forum please feel free to move.

As i have never had a website beofre i would like to know the best way to build my website?

I have heard a lot of good things about wordpress and was wondering your views?

I will tell you a little about what i am hoping to acheive and id love suggestions on what i should do?

I would like to run a not for profit football/soccer site for fans of clubs in Scotland as i beleive talking to other people there is a market for this.

This is a hooby fu project not something i wish to make money from so to start off i woould like to do as cheaply as possible.

At first i thought just a forum would do but then though forum bolted on the back of a wordpress site ( i hear wordpress is great for seo?)

The wordpress site would lnk to the forums

The wordpress site would be updated on a daily basis with articles on scottish football, transfer news etc?

I would perhaps have links to league tables etc?

Now does the above sound acheivale with Wordpress? Should I be looking at other software? As a guy with no knowlege of coding etc am i right out of my depth? Does it sound like a costly thing to do?

What should I be looking at in the way of hosting i-e bandwidth space?

I would like to go cheap and build as i go along as it's a hobby I don't want to pay for hosting if the site doesn;t take off, although with the right site it should become very popular.

I will apologise now for asking so many questions but if anyone has any ideas or suggestions then I would appreciate it

Thanks so much