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    The start of the Portfolio Web-site

    Hello there .
    I am a beginner web developer. And you definatly know the value of having a good portfolio for working as a
    freelancer . I have already learnt many things related to HTML,CSS,JavaScript+jQuery,PHP,MySQL,SQL.
    Right know I think its time for me to build a portfolio web-site. But when it comes starting to build I face basically
    following two issues .

    1...So my FIRST problem is related to the external look (the design) of the web-site . .
    In general when people make-web sites what kind of tools they use for the design of sites ?(the starting point)
    I mean do they start building the HTML+CSS code from scratch ? or they use special tools for designing the web-sites.
    I have already heard about Dreamweaver that it will handle HTML and CSS for you .
    But in general do professional web-designers use Dreamweaver? If not , what other kind of tools
    (I mean what are the most famous tools ) do you know that professional designers use to design the interfaces
    of web-sites ? (just the external look)
    I really need that kind of tools since i want to build a poritfolio web-site and i think my main problem is the design of the site.
    And i want to have that kind of tools in order to organize colors,texts,images,videos in the way that looks a little good .
    To be honest I am not that much talanted designer so the need for that tools is really huge.

    2...My SECOND problem is related to the site's administrator panel(if I am not mistaken also called control panel)
    Does adminstrator panel is somthing similar to a basic CMS(Content Managment System)? And in general does every
    web-site is "obliged" to have a control panel ? Or maybe that control panels comes with the design tools? I dont know...
    Please help me to understant how can i build an effective control panel . And if my following question is right ...
    please then answer..What are the tools that can be used for making control panel to control the structure of the web-site

    Please be gentle and hel me!!!

    I deeply appreciate your time spent on reading my problem and really really hope to hear your suggestions soon!!!

    Thank you!!!
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    These are pretty basic questions.

    Firstly, as far as "tools" go, nothing can design your template for you. You have to either design it yourself, pay someone else to design it for you, or buy one of the millions of pre-built templates out there. Programs like Dramweaver can help with HTML and CSS if you have got no idea of what you're doing, but once you know a bit of what you're doing, you will want to use a text-based editor.

    Secondly, not every webiste has a control panel. It can, but you have to build it. You can always install and modify/customise an existing CMS system, and that will give you an administration area. You just have to find one that suits your needs.

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