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    Unhappy Acceptable/non-intrusive alternative to Microsof web software(s)?

    I've been assigned the job of recreating a website for my boss. I have the outline of how/what to do, but he needs to be able to edit the web page contents. Currently he uses Microsoft Expressions for editing, and after reading the hyper mark up generated by the MS stuffs, there's a LOT of garbled, Microsoft-only-and-integrated JavaScript and Meta headers which are largely unnecessary and mainly imo existing solely to play with the mind of a developer trying to read the html source. My boss wants to know a free (open source is all the better ) alternative to MS-E that would be capable of generating the least intrusive code possible. The functioning of my planned site are as follows:

    (web page structure)
    DOCTYPE html//etc.
    | |-title
    | |-JS and AJAX stuffs here
    | |-CSS3 (or meta included CSS)
    | |-div(content,etc)
    | | |-navigation bar
    | | | |-button pressed, call JS function that uses AJAX to get information from file foo.xml (or even foo.html)
    | | | | |-update div id=FOO
    | | |-div id=FOO


    I need an editor that can view a simple HTML/XML file like foo.xml and when foo.xml is edited with a graphical editor it generates as simple code as possible. This is very important for portability between browsers and the extent I can use AJAX instead of having a dynamically created CGI page (which is a whole other approach to this that I'd rather avoid). Thank you, Matt.
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    If it was me that was asked to do that I'd suggest a different option - Install a CMS system like Wordpress/Drupal/Joola/etc.

    The reasons for this are very simple.
    1. It's free
    2. There's WYSIWYG editors in all of them
    3. Your boss can do whatever he needs to do easily
    4. There's no extra software to download and install so your boss can make his updates from anywhere he is at any time from any computer
    5. There's no issues about licencing
    6. It would make your life easier by not having to teach your boss something new

    One thing that I've always found in my customers, and a lot of co-workers too, is that they don't think of other options because they are to used to doing something one way only. If you show them another way that makes it easier, they'll not only be happy that they can do their job easier, but they'll also think you're great for knowing all of this "new technology" that they haven't seen before.

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