I'm currently in the early phases of site development, working on a prototype for an innovative media sharing site, and would really appreciate the input of the Dev Shed community. If there's a better place to post this, please let me know and I will do so.

The site will provide two services:
1) A community rated aggregation of the best media curation resources on the internet.
2) A community driven recommendation database for movies, music, books, and self-improvement media.

What is unique about the site is it is designed with a structure that enables a balance between a sharing of the potentially infinite amount of data on the positive media experiences of others and a way to filter and navigate through that information in a way that makes it useful to your personal preferences, purpose, and lifestyle.

The site is made to adapt to what works for its users, functioning by combining elements of Wikipedia's administrative curating with the user rating and ranking approach of Reddit.

There's a lot more I can tell anyone who is interested about how the site will work and the plan for how to develop its community and content, but, for these purposes, suffice to say it will involve a system of user generated links and pages, an ability to wiki-edit content on specific items, and a database that enables a functional filter system for users to determine what results they see.

Because I have a minimal development background and am financing the prototype on my own, I am planning to bring a detailed wireframe, design, and plan for a site to an outsourced development company. But, I feel I ideally need someone with a strong background of relevant experience to oversee this, as the more difficult challenges of setting this up the right way on the back end will most likely be outside of both my and any inexpensive development team's skill sets. It should be a minimal investment of time, as the primary role would be thinking it out in the right way for someone else to do the work, but I'm not sure the best way to find someone like this.

Let me know your thoughts on this process and idea, I'm very interested to hear any thoughts or advice you may have to offer.