I want to create a driver tracking system for a game.

There is a website which has something similar to what i want to create but unfortunately i cannot post the URL of it.

I want to create something similar to that however i want mine to be able to be updated by the user, so i was thinking of having a form which they use to put their details on aswell as their current location. However i do not know how to get it so that the details in the form that they submit will result in their dot on the map being moved to their location. I'm thinking that i may need to use PHP in this somehow but i only have very little experience with PHP. I have done some more thinking about this and I was thinking I could use the users driver ID which they will enter in the form. And then link that to a corresponding dot on the map so that whenever that driver updates their dot in the map will update aswell. I have also been thinking a bit about how the map will work and I am thinking if it is possible I could specify for example the location of all the petrol stations on the map and then the user would select from a drop down list which petrol station they are currently at.

These are only ideas at the moment and I have no idea if this will work so I am really looking as to whether this will work and if it will then how I can get to work.

Thank You