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    Can All Be Used At Once?

    Can you use PHP, HTML, jQuery, and CSS on one page?

    For example, PHP and HTML for the page content, and jQuery and CSS for the menus?
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    Yes, virtually all web sites use all four technologies on every page, although not necessarily PHP for the server-side.

    jQuery is a library, not a language; JavaScript is the language.

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    Each of those technologies have different purposes. HTML gives structure to a document and gives meaning to the different parts (e.g. this part is a heading, this other part is a list, this is a quote, etc.). CSS allows you to control presentation, how the HTML document looks. JavaScript is used to add interactivity to the page between full page loads (e.g. do something when the user types something or moves the mouse cursor over an element). PHP (or the server-side language of your choice) allows you to output code in the other aforementioned languages dynamically, so that you can do things like keep common parts of the pages in different pages for easier maintenance, process form submissions, and retrieve content from a database.

    So, yes, menus often use both CSS and JavaScript (on top of the HTML foundation), but simple ones can be made without JavaScript.
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