I use Bluehost for web hosting and have recently started to use Weebly to build our website/online store. I would like to know how to add a search box so our customers will be able to find items within our store (Steve's Lost Land of Toys). I have tried Pico, Google and Atomz but the search results open in a way which we do not want (outside of our website/store). I tried to post a link to an example but that is not allowed.
What we are looking for is a search box which displays results like the search like on Staples, Office Depot, Newegg, etc. I would like the customer to be direct to the page. Like if they are looking for Batman I would like it to go to the Batman page. So is this because I am using Weebly or is it because I need to change some coding (which I would need help with), or do I need to use another search box tool/software. Thnx!!