Go check this out--Here are the features
• Blazing fast speed
• MYSQL database
• Ultra Fast 1200mhz Servers
• DS3 Connection
• Web Host Manager©
• Cpanel3© Enabled
• Cold Fusion Enabled© • 30 accounts per server!
• True 24/7 Technical Support!
• Secure closed campus N.O.C.
• 3 Different Providers
• 99.9% Network Uptime
• Domain Name hosting (yourdomain.com)
• Email accounts (You@yourdomain.com)
• Subdomains (subdomain.yourdomain.com)
• Professional control panel and so much more
• Visit lexton.net Email: support@lexton.net He's a nice guy and will give you a great deal
On Monday the server changes to a Ds3 which is 45Mbps, about 25 t-1's--Very nice!
I suggest you check this one out...If you tell him yungwun sent you he'll give you a better deal. And if you need anything added to that he can do it.