Developed by webmasters for webmasters, this new powerful company was created to meet the demand for quality web hosting at a low cost. Created at the beginning of 2001 this respectable company is one step ahead of its competitors and is preparing for rapid growth. Starting with a single server Nox Raq has left its doors open, and has prepared for multiple servers to be setup at the demand of its customers.

Database driven websites are becoming a large demand, Nox Raq is planning to setup multiple servers for its databases to increase overall speed for its clients. Along with that Nox Raq is keeping a low server load on all of its servers to increase overall speed for its clients.

With multiple DS-3 connections through Time Warner, SAVVIS, and UUNET our customers will be guaranteed a 99.9% uptime, and with these fast speed connections Nox Raq customers will not have to worry about sites taking forever to load because of Nox Raq connection problems.

Cobalt Raq 4 systems are highly customizable, and very easy to maintain. These servers can handle up to 3 million hits per day, and with Nox Raq’s low server loads these servers will never be overworked. Cobalt systems have pre-built control panels, these control panels have many features like the ability to setup Mail Lists, FTP accounts, Private user accounts, POP Email, Secure Email (IMAP), Email Forwarding, Site usage reports, Site Backup options, and Site Restore options.

With already many features Nox Raq sets up each account with its own Webalizer Statistics, mySQL databases which each client will also have a separate control panel (phpmyadmin) to control every aspect of there database(s).

Accounts can be used to host multiple sites, through our control panel clients can host friends websites and with a simple email to Nox Raq staff at domains, and sub-domains will be setup in no longer than 24 hours.

Nox Raq staff is answering support questions 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. All questions will be answered within a maximum of 24 hours. With the demand of new clients Nox Raq makes sure we have a large enough staff to keep this quality in support and hosting.

When new customers sign up for web hosting Nox Raq deals with that new client account personally and sets it up and emails the client manually to make sure their account is setup properly.

Once again I would just like to say this company was created by webmasters for webmasters, and at affordable prices. All customers who sign up with Nox Raq will be guaranteed absolutely no price increases on their personal accounts, all price changes would effect only new customers, and to add to this all price increases would mean more account features, and “ALL” customers will receive these benefits, not just new clients.

Thank you,

Chris Kirby
C.E.O – Nox Raq