Soft - Industry Remote Server Administration and 24x7 Support introduces you the Best Offers for a full range of server management services and effective on time solutions, such as:

Web Servers: Apache, Nginx, Jetty, Tomcat
Mail Servers: Postfix, Sendmail, Exim, Zimbra CS (by yahoo)
Saving of network resources consumption: Iptables, Squid, SAMS, advanced traffic shapers/filters
Protected communication channels creation: VPN
Advanced monitoring systems: Nagios, Centreon, Zabbix
Extended system of data-backup/data encryption: Amanda, Bacula
Server panels setup and configuration: cPanel, ISPmanager, Plesk, Webmin/Virtualmin
Database servers management: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL
Secure servers: SSL certificates installation, security audit
Server monitoring and pro-active fixing, if down
"911" service - critical issues resolving
Live chat support

Our experienced system administrators allow you to be supported exactly at the time you need.

You can choose any of our standard monthly management plans or/and we will be glad to arrange a number of administration services exclusively upon your request, as we are working not just within the management plans, but using the individual approach to any customer.

Remember! By using our services you are getting:

Great rates and volume discounts
Standard packs and individual approach
Guaranties and money back policy
Experienced and friendly support team
Effective and on time services and solutions

Please, contact us for any of your server problems; we are always ready to help to those, who are in need of our qualified consultation and services. We will contact you back with detailed information and pricing.