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Heya Please tell em what the difference is between linux web hosting and windows web hosting. I made my site by dreamweaver does that affect either of the 2 i should choose please tell me thanx!

Windows hosting:

Windows hosting is based on windows OS.Windows hosting supports Asp,Asp.net,HTML,Php and MS SQL. database.All software in windows hosting are cost high.

Linux hosting:

Linux hosting is based on Linux OS. Linux hosting supports Php,Pearl,Python and some other language.It supports databases like My SQL,Postgre SQL etc.Linux is an open source os.So you can download Linux based software at free of cost.It is most secure and safe than windows hosting.

I think language and database is important to decide Linux or windows hosting.Dreamweaver is the software for designing I think it will affect those two.You can get Linux based web hosting at 9cubehosting.com .You can get Linux and windows based hosting at Tucktail.com .