Are you overpaying at your current host?
Are you experiencing slowness at your current host?
Are you tired of countless downtime for your websites?
Are you looking for awesome high performance web hosting?

Are you tired of receiving poor service at your current host?

If you are, Limenex Web Hosting is your solution to all your problems!

Limenex strives to deliver unparalleled service to our customers at extremely affordable prices. With the myriad of hosting companies to choose from, we know it is hard for you to make a choice. With Limenex, the choice is obvious. We give you everything you need and more to run your websites smoothly, all at an extremely affordable rate starting from $1 per month. Reliable and dependable web hosting does not have to break the bank.

Since our inception in 2010, Limenex has proven itself to be a world class leading web hosting company, delivering top-notch service to our customers around the globe. Host with Limenex and enjoy excellence at its finest.


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Purchase a "Silver", "Gold" or "Platinum" hosting package for 12/24/36 months and we will give you a FREE "Bronze" hosting package for as long as your account is active with us! *

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1) Our servers are powered by LiteSpeed

Unlike most of our competitors, at Limenex, all our servers are powered by LiteSpeed. Like its name suggests, it is fast as lightning! Sluggish performance is non-existent. Our customers' websites are blazing fast and that's why our customers love us!

2) We migrate your sites for FREE

Hate your current host and wish to enjoy the awesome web hosting Limenex delivers? Migrating your websites can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Limenex makes it simple for you! We do it for you, for FREE! Let us handle the hassle for you and enjoy a peace of mind knowing a team of professionals are doing the job for you. We will migrate all your data, your emails, your databases, your subdomains, FTP accounts, email forwarders, email filters, everything! All you have to do is to provide us with your cPanel login at your previous host and make sure we can retrieve functional full backups from them.

3) We offer fast and real 24/7 support

It is not uncommon for companies who promise 24/7 support to not deliver it. Limenex's friendly, experienced and professional support team is here 24/7 to assist you when you need it. You don't need to wait for hours or days to hear from us too! Our average response time is well under 15 minutes!

We offer REAL 30-day moneyback guarantee

Yes, we truly mean it. If you are dissatisfied with our service within the first 30 days, we will gladly refund your money since we failed to impress you with our service.

5) We take your data seriously

Limenex is serious on maintaining your data's integrity. We don't take chances with your data. Hence, we not only use RAID 10 on all our servers, we also perform daily and weekly backup of your account to ensure that your data is safe and secure.

6) We are a legitimate business

In the web hosting industry, there are thousands of hosting "companies" that are not a legally registered business in their state of operation. This simply means they aren't making enough money to even legalise their business, web hosting is just a hobby or they just aren't serious about their business. These "companies" often vanish overnight all of a sudden and their customers are victimised by their actions.

Limenex is proud to be hosting websites since 2010 and we are a legally registered business in Singapore. It is safe and secure to sign up and host your websites with us. We are here to stay and deliver the quality service you deserve.

7) We offer multiple hosting locations

We have customers from all over the world, so why not have servers worldwide too? Limenex offers you the choice to host your websites in high quality data centres across the world! You can choose among United States, United Kingdom or Singapore to host your websites! Having your websites hosted nearer to you or your visitors simply mean faster speed! US web hosting? UK web hosting? Singapore web hosting? Take your pick!

8) We are selling at profitable prices.

Did you just saw our competitor that sells at ridiculously low prices like perhaps 10000000TB for $5/year? Do you think they can truly deliver what they promised? Send them a couple of support tickets and they will be making a loss for your account. Think about their expenses. Servers, server management, salaries, licensing fees, tax and various overheads will cost them plenty of money. Do you think the host with ridiculous prices will hang around for long? We don't think so.

Signing up with Limenex simply means you are hosting your websites with a reliable and profitable provider that will happily be here to serve you.

9) We truly deliver 99.9% uptime

Without a doubt, almost every web hosting company in the world guarantees 99.9% uptime. There are even some who advertise 100% uptime guarantee! The truth is, many fail to deliver. Limenex prefers honouring our promise. 99.9% uptime is what we guarantee and what we deliver.

10) We give you lots of FREEBIES!

At the top of our advertisement, we already stated that we are giving a FREE Bronze hosting account for every purchase of a Silver, Gold or Platinum plan using the advertised coupon code. What's more?

- Sign up with our Silver, Gold or Platinum plan annually and we will give you a FREE domain registration/transfer with FREE WHOIS privacy protection! (worth $12/year!)
- Sign up with our Gold or Platinum plan and we will give you a FREE SSL certificate! (worth $10/year!)
- Sign up with our Platinum plan and we will give you FREE disk space/bandwidth upgrades for as long as you need them! (worth $∞!)

In addition, we provide you with FREE Attracta SEO tools and FREE CloudFlare CDN service that can easily be activated within cPanel!

FREE, FREE and FREE! We love to indulge you with freebies!

Plans & Prices

The following prices below are after 25% discount.

Bronze - FROM $0.70 / mth - Get this for FREE with Silver, Gold or Platinum plan purchase!! *
Entry-level plan suitable for customers who require features-rich multi-domains hosting with low resources requirements at an extremely affordable price.

* 1 GB RAID Protected Disk Space --> FREE UPGRADE TO 2GB Disk Space
* 50 GB Premium Bandwidth --> FREE UPGRADE TO 100GB Bandwidth
* Host Unlimited Domains
* Choice of US/UK/SG Data Centre

Silver - FROM $2.10 / mth
Mid-range plan suitable for customers with higher resources requirement. Domain registration/transfer is provided for free under this package.

* 10 GB RAID Protected Disk Space --> FREE UPGRADE TO 20GB Disk Space
* 500 GB Premium Bandwidth --> FREE UPGRADE TO 1000GB Bandwidth
* Host Unlimited Domains
* FREE Domain Registration/Transfer for LIFE
* Choice of US/UK/SG Data Centre

Gold - FROM $3.50 / mth
Our most popular plan with very generous resources limit and the perfect plan for customers who need SSL certificate for your shopping cart.

* 30 GB RAID Protected Disk Space --> FREE UPGRADE TO 60GB Disk Space
* 1500 GB Premium Bandwidth --> FREE UPGRADE TO 3000GB Bandwidth
* Host Unlimited Domains
* FREE Domain Registration/Transfer for LIFE
* FREE PositiveSSL Certificate
* Choice of US/UK/SG Data Centre

Platinum - FROM $5.60 / mth
Our high-end package that packs plenty of resources for serious businesses. FREE disk space and bandwidth upgrades are available if you outgrow your current limits.

* 50 GB RAID Protected Disk Space --> FREE UPGRADE TO 100GB Disk Space
* 2500 GB Premium Bandwidth --> FREE UPGRADE TO 5000GB Bandwidth
* Host Unlimited Domains
* FREE Domain Registration/Transfer for LIFE
* FREE PositiveSSL Certificate
* FREE Future Disk Space/Bandwidth Upgrade
* Choice of US/UK/SG Data Centre

All accounts includes:

- Unlimited Sub-Domains
- Unlimited Addon Domains
- Unlimited Parked Domains
- Unlimited Email Accounts
- Unlimited MySQL Databases
- Unlimited FTP Accounts
- Choice of US / UK / SG Data Centre

Click here to visit our website for full features list!

Still not convinced?

Here are some kind words from our awesome customers :

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WHT Limenex/HostingV2 Review
WHT Limenex/HostingV2 Review
WHT Limenex/HostingV2 Review
WHT Limenex/HostingV2 Review

* Terms & Conditions:
1) FREE Migration from previous host service is only available if your previous host is using cPanel control panel and we can retrieve full cPanel backups from them. If you are unsure, please contact us for clarification.
2) Upgrades/doubling of resources will be done manually by our sales team within one working day after payment. Usage of the specified coupon code in this advertisement is REQUIRED.
3) This promotion cannot be stacked on top of any other existing promotions.
4) This promotion cannot be exchanged or replaced with any other products/services/cash/credit.
5) The FREE Bronze account provided is FREE for as long as you maintain your hosting account purchased under this promotion with Limenex.
6) You have to submit a ticket to sales department to request for your free Bronze account. Our staffs will provision your account within one business day.
7) The FREE "Bronze" account provided does not include double disk space or bandwidth upgrades.

Have a question for us? No problem! Submit a ticket here and we will be glad to assist you!

Sales Email: or click here