Hey guys. I'm running a hosting company providing free hosting to a selected few people at the moment, but i want to expand to offer free hosting to alot more people. The only problem is finding the funds to pay for the server! So i have come up with a paid plan to help cover the cost of my server. The following package is only available to a max. three people, and include the following:

Space: 1gb
Bandwidth: 15gb
100 Ftp Accounts
100 Mysql Databases
100 SubDomains
100 Parked Domains
100 Addon Domains
100 Email Accounts
100 Mailing Lists
cPanel 8.9.0-EDGE Build 16 + most cPanel functions (inc. backup, custom error pages)

Domain or subdomain hosting
Payments through Paypal

All for US$10/m

What do I (you) get out of this?
You get everything listed above, your name/site as a sponsor and a link to your site, and the satisfaction of knowing you're helping a free host stay alive :-)

Why should go with you and not another hosting company?
Because this is no profit to me. The money will go towards my server cost so i can provide free hosting. You were probably looking for free hosting at one stage, so give other people a chance to get free hosting.

If you have any questions/comments or want more details, pm me