HostWinds VPS Hosting

Instant VPS Setup
All of our Virtual Private Servers are setup instantly after you order. This allows you to start using your VPS the instant you order it. We transfer all of your files over from your previous host free of charge, courtesy of our no-downtime transfer service. We will even configure your VPS for you to ensure a trouble-free start no matter what your hosting knowledge is.

24/7/365 Monitoring
Our dedicated support staff monitors your server around the clock to ensure that it's is running smoothly. We want you to feel secure in knowing that even if you aren't checking to make sure your website is working properly, we are. We also monitor your server's speed and performance and make changes as necessary to ensure it stays blazing fast!

Latest Hardware
All of our virtual private server's utilize Intel branded processors. We know that many hosting providers short-change their clients by buying low quality hardware. We understand that hardware matters and so we buy the best hardware available to us. You will notice that Hostwinds websites load faster than most other websites and it all comes down to hardware.

How we offer Excellent Bandwidth
This is very easy for us to offer. We are provided with a raise-able 40TB bandwidth on a 100MBS line through our datacenter. This is 100MBS PER server, not just 100MBS overall. We feel that since we have secured such a great deal with our datacenter it is our obligation to pass these discount's on to our customers. It doesn't cost us anything extra to offer!

With our top-of-the-line hardware and even better support, you will NOT be disappointed with our services! Below is a summary of our incredible deals.

Eight different VPS levels! Cloud servers availible for even more power! All are covered under our 24/7 support system.

Level 1 VPS Hosting - $17.75
The entry level VPS is perfect for small or personal websites.
  • Guaranteed RAM - 384MB
  • Burstable RAM - 768MB
  • CPU - 1.25Ghz
  • Disk Space - 25GB

Level 2 VPS Hosting - $22.75
This VPS is perfect for one or two medium-sized sites running cPanel.
  • Guaranteed RAM - 512MB
  • Burstable RAM - 1GB
  • CPU - 2.5Ghz
  • Disk Space - 35GB

Level 3 VPS Hosting - $32.75
The level 3 is good for one large site with some decent traffic. cPanel no longer becomes an issue resource-wise.
  • Guaranteed RAM - 1GB
  • Burstable RAM - 1.5GB
  • CPU - 3.75Ghz
  • Disk Space - 60GB

Level 4 VPS Hosting - $42.75
This level is for one or two large sites with medium traffic.
  • Guaranteed RAM - 1.5GB
  • Burstable RAM - 2GB
  • CPU - 5.0Ghz
  • Disk Space - 80GB

Level 5 VPS Hosting - $52.75
The level 5 is great for special purposes that need a good amount of power, or multiple large sites with medium traffic.
  • Guaranteed RAM - 2GB
  • Burstable RAM - 2.75GB
  • CPU - 6.25Ghz
  • Disk Space - 100GB

Level 6 VPS Hosting - $62.75
This level VPS runs well with several large sites, programs and stat monitoring, etc.
  • Guaranteed RAM - 2.5GB
  • Burstable RAM - 3.75GB
  • CPU - 7.5Ghz
  • Disk Space - 125GB

Level 7 VPS Hosting - $77.75
This is for those who truely need some resources for their website. Multiple large sites with high traffic would run well here.
  • Guaranteed RAM - 3GB
  • Burstable RAM - 5GB
  • CPU - 8.75Ghz
  • Disk Space - 150GB

Level 8 VPS Hosting - $92.75
The level 8 is truly the cream of the crop for our VPS selection - if you need power, this VPS will do it. If it doesn't, check out our cloud servers for even MORE power.
  • Guaranteed RAM - 4GB
  • Burstable RAM - 6GB
  • CPU - 10.0Ghz
  • Disk Space - 175GB

Check out any one of the underlined hosting offers above to get started on your worry-free, cheap and efficient hosting experience with HostWinds.

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Interested or have any questions? Add me on skype at Hostwinds.AlexL or enter a live chat with one of our dedicated support staff. Don't forget to mention that this sales thread brought you here.