Dear Friends,

In addition to being a founder of the Christian Webmasters Association (CWEB), I own a web development and hosting business. I have begun the next level of expansion and service upgrades, and am happy to offer you an amazing deal on hosting.

Our prices might lead one to believe that we are hosting out of a garage, but I assure you as a Christian and a man of integrity, that our servers are connected to the backbones of the Web, and are in a controlled evironment. We provide these low prices so that you can get your ministry or business started.

Pathway Web Solutions is proud to present the following web hosting offer:

Only $4.95 per month!!!
500 MB Diskspace
5GB Bandwidth
CPanel (Easy Site Management)
Unlimited POP3 Accounts
Unlimited Sub-Domains
Unlimited FTP Accounts
50 MySQL Databases (More available upon request!)
Shell Access
Web Based Statistics
Password Protected Directories
Web Based Email
CGI Support And /CGI Directory
PHP 4.2.3 With Zend Optimization
MCrypt and cURL Support
PhpMyAdmin Database Manager

Bigger packages are available as well. You can register a domain, with the purchase of the package, for only $9.95 for an entire year!!! (Optional)

If you are interested and would like to signup please go to:

I am currently in the process of redesigning and coding my site, so as it stands now, this is the only part of my site that is functional.