Hi All!

We are a team of php developers and have 5GB of spare capacity on our contracted server account (Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz 2.0 GB Ram) that we would like to share with others.

We are asking USD 25 a month (that's per GB) and we would like to offer the same to anyone who wishes to come and be part of a server that is being used yet by just one domain account with low traffic.

We have the rights to give you independent WHM for each GB that you would like to co-share with us. Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Cpanels, Unlimited MySQL, Unlimited Emails, Addon IP's at US$ 12 per month for a block of 10, and pretty much everything that others can give you. Bandwidth shall be 25 GB per month for each 1 GB of hosting space.

Ideally we would like to deal with people who are original users of domain/s with large space requirements, although we are open minded about resellers too.

Technical support is assured by our developer team.