Hey Guys;

Some of you may know me, some of you may not. As the avatar/handle says, my name's Gnorb (Norbert Cartagena), one of the editors here at Dev Shed. I'm writing because of some interesting recent events. We've started the process of making WebHosters.com into a full fledged, articles every day type of site (just like Dev Shed, except for web hosting articles, press releases, news, reviews, etc.).

I'm writing to see if there's anyone here interested in submitting a few articles In exchange, we can offer a good ammount of visibility (articles on web hosters would be seen by the 500,000+ readers we get accross our network every day), which translates to free publicity for you, your company, and your dog (if you really want it). Plus we pay for articles.

If you wish to know more, please send an email to
norbert@developershed.com with the subject "Interested in Writing for Web Hosters" with a bit of information about yourself. Better yet, just fill out the following form: http://www.developershed.com/writers.php.

We're relaunching October 1st, so don't wait!
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