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All accounts come with:

»Unlimited FTP Accounts
»Unlimited MySQL Databases
»Unlimited Sub Domains
»Unlimited Email Lists
»Unlimited Email Accounts
»Unlimited Add-on Domains
»Unlimited Parked Domains
»Unlimited Email Aliases
»Unlimited Email Forwarders
»Unlimited Mailing Lists
»Unlimited Auto Responders
»PHP Support
»Perl/CGI Support
»Web Based Email
»POP3 and IMAP
»Spam Assasin
»Catch all emails
»Live Web Statistics
»Raw Access Logs
»Custom Error Pages
»SSI Support
»Cron Jobs
»Anonymous FTP
»Password Protected Directories
»Frontpage Extensions
»PLUS much more!

If you don't have a domain, we are able to host you on our subdomains.


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