I am here to showcase the fantastic packages that Value Hosters have to offer. So if you are looking for web hosting suitable to your needs, Value Hoster are the hosters that can provide you with affordable rates. Here are the four packages available:

Basic Package
$10 per month/5.30 per month with storage of 1GB and transfer 20GB.

Advanced Package
$20 per month/10.60 per month with storage of 3GB and transfer 30GB.

Pro Package
$30 per month/15.85 per month with storage of 7GB and transfer 40GB.

Gold Package
$50 per month/26.43 per month with storage of 10GB and transfer 60GB.

*Note: the $ to translations are not exact, they are rounded numbers.

As you can see, I wasn't lying; these really are great packages. For more details on all of the packages simply visit

If you decide to sign up for a package, please be sure to do the following. When you are signing up, there will be a field entitled 'Referred By:'; please write in the provided space that you were referred by: The TRiUMPhant Apprenti.

Thank you for your time; and I hope to see you sign up for a Value Hosters package.