www.mpdepot.com Multi Player Depot

Started today offering game clans a free host.
This includes
- 1 Subdomain (yourclan.mpdepot.com)
- 25Mb Webspace (PhpBB And Myadmin Exluded) 30mb total
- Monthly Transfer 3GB
- Ftp Acount
- 1 MySql Database
- PHP Scripting
- 1 MySQL Database
- 1 POP3 Mail adres
- Phpmyadmin installed
- Free PhpBulletinBoard Installed

*free users has a 80px heigh frame at the top off te page in the future

I didn't had time to finnish the mpdepot.com project so i finnished it in 2 days instead off 2 weeks. We are still under development.

People that have a site gaming related and need a free host with features not named above can email too.