You can get the same hosting plan as seen on for free.

Stipulations for free hosting:
-Must have MINIMUM 500+ unique visitors a day on primary site (Not 477 or 494 or 499, but 500+).
-Must agree to abide by our TOS/Policies. By requesting hosting services from us you automatically agree to do so.
-Must place our ad code on the top of all your pages. We have ad detection spiders that regularly crawl all free hosted sites to check for ads and will alert us of a non-complaint site.
-You can be based from anywhere in the world but your primary site must be in ENGLISH.
-We allow multiple domain and sub-domain hosting for other sites you may have but the primary site and domain that you are submitting to us must meet the 500+ visitors a day minimum. Our ad code must be on the top of ANY and ALL of your sites and their pages.
-NO reselling of hosting.

With us there is no forms to fill out and no forum post requests to meet!
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50 GB BANDWIDTH / month

Domain Names Hosted:
Note: (We do NOT give away or sell domain names, you must provide your own!)

Subdomains Hosted:

FTP Accounts (Unlimited access within bandwidth limit):

Email Forwarding/Alias:

POP3 Email w/Spam Filters:

Auto Responders:

SQL databases:

FrontPage Extensions

Your own SMTP server (add-on domains get their own SMTP server address to!)

Preloaded Instant Scripts (Fantastico)
SSI - Server Side Includes
Linux (Redhat) Unix Platform
Custom Error Docs/Raw Logs
Password Protected Folders
Online Control Panel cPanel 8.2 (X Theme) (click here to demo it ) username: demo123 password: demo123
99.7% Up Time

Email all requests to and include your domain name which must already be registered (required) and up-to-date recent proof of traffic (required). We will review your site to ensure it meets out Hosting Policies and if approved we will email you back your Cpanel username/password and ad code usually within 24 hours. Please do not PM us or post your info as it will be ignored. Requests for non English site hosting or hosting for sites below our required minimum daily visitors will go ignored. Failure to follow our Hosting Policies or a drop in your daily visitors below the 500+ limit may cause for account suspension.

Yahoo SN: serverbuckhelp
AIM SN: serverbuck

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