Hi this is an announcement for all webmasters.
If you are interested in free sponsred hosting (one 468X60) banner. We place only 1 banner on all pages and it must be on the top. What you get is dependant on the amount of hits you get:

(Yes, a minimum of 200 unique visitors is required).

Beginner plan
400 MB Space
5000 MB Bandwidth
600 MB Space
10000 MB Bandwidth
1000 MB Space
40000 MB Bandwidth

All plans come with the following:
Website Statistics
Unmetered Subdomains
Unmetered FTP Accounts
Unmetered Add-on Domains
Fantastico DeLUxe
CPanel X
Unmetered Email Accounts
Unmetered Email Forwarding
Unmetered Email Auto-Responders
Email Filtering
Mailing List
CGI Bin (Perl 5.6.1)
Pre-installed CGIs
PHP 4.3.4
Flash Support
Unmetered MySQL Databases
Unmetered PostGreSQL Databases
Frontpage Extensions
Server Side Includes (SSI/.shtml)
Streaming Audio/Video
Shopping Cart

This is only for Websites with the following content:
Hosting Directories
Hosting Reviews
PHP, CGI etc (web languages) Tutorial Sites
Photoshop etc (graphic design) Tutorial Sites
Any hosting related sites!

Get in touch with us if interested:
AIM: HSSupportTeam
MSN: support@host-solutions.net
You can also post here if interested.

Also: If you have your site already hosted somewhere we can easily move that for you (must have cpanel to do so) even if you dont have root privilages.