Name: Bart
Url: www.servfiles.com
Age: 1 month
Traffic: 30 members already, no advertising done, just word of mouth stuff
Asking price: $500
Email: contact@servfiles.com




This is a site I made, which allows users to host files via the easiest way possible I think. It's made fully in PHP, MYSQL backend, and integrated with Paypal IPN, so everything is fully automated. 0% maintenance.

Site is new, so no members on it obviously. Everything rigourisly tested and checked over and over for the past week. Everything works 100%, try it yourself if you want! That would be the best thing to do for you to get a feel for the site, its hard to explain everything in a post.

Like I said earlier, everything is fully automated. Only initial configuration is required when setting it up on a server. About 4 main things:

1) your paypal email address, this is where the money you make will go.
2) server bandwidth, how much bandwidth your host gives you.
3) revenue, type in here how many dollars you wish to make monthly, this will happen assuming all bandwidth is used up.
4)timezone setting

Ok, here is some technical stuff:

Someone signs up, and confirms their email address, then they can login. Once they login, they can upload files, 1mb in size each is the limit, and then it will show specs on that file. good.

1 week hosting is free, this is a nice incentive. Each file has a unique id, direct links are permitted, simply copy the url and post it wherever you want, file will work. No need for people to visit the site to view files.

2 days prior to a file expiring, a user will get an email sent to them telling this, and they will have the option of renewing the file for a fee. [the fee formula is something like: size * downloads * (8/5) ... ]. in any case, all the math works out. then this price is shown to them, either for a week to renew, or double it for two weeks.

initially they will have to preload their account with money, via paypal. they have a few denomination options, as soon as they pay, MONEY IS IN, and ready to go. nothing for the webmaster to do, unless an error is thrown (security reasons).

then they can renew a file, its renewed, and money is deducted from their account. and this process goes on....

now, tricky tricky:

think you can not renew a file and re-upload it and it will work, and save money? NOPE! like i said, each file is given a new id#, even if the same filename has been uploaded by the same user... the only thing they can do is update their links to it, otherwise, the place they posted the file on will come up with a fancy "FILE NOT FOUND" branded logo, its good for free advertising! here is what it looks like:



lets talk money:

you can set the revenue to whatever you want, however make it reasonable. right now its running at 20gig b/w for every $100. so thats 0.5cents/mb of b/w i charge people which is a good price considering what they use. so for every 100gigs of b/w users use, you make $500 in cash (well paypal money at first anyway, lol)


anyway, i think thats it, if you have any questions, please email me contact@servfiles.com


basically same as above, but a free site, no fee. this will attract users faster, once a base is built, it can be converted easily to a fee structure. this version is currently running.