We are a gaming site situated at www.simsgeneration.co.uk that offers hosting.

Our hosting section is situated at www.hosting.simsgeneration.co.uk at the moment but we are getting a domain name for our hosting in the next few weeks and still will be a partner to our gaming site.

Here are our packages:

Free Plan (0/Month)
15mb Space
250mb Bandwidth

Basic Plan (2.20/Month or $4.04/Month)
100mb Space
1000mb Bandwidth

Standard Plan (3.30/Month or $6.06/Month)
200mb Space
2000mb Bandwidth

Advanced Plan (4.40/Month or $8.08/Month)
300mb Space
4000mb Bandwidth

Executive Plan (5.50/Month or $10.10/Month)
400mb Space
8000mb Bandwidth

Executive-Pro Plan (6.60/Month or $12.12/Month)
500mb Space
10 000mb Bandwidth

25mb Space = 0.75/Month
250mb Bandwidth = 0.90/Month

If you need any support either:

email me at marknailess@btopenworld.com

or catch me on

MSN: simsgen@hotmail.com
AIM: marknailess