Since most of you are probably just hearing about us I have some specials listed below that come with a 30 day free trial. Give us a try and if you are not satisfied for whatever reason cancel at no loss to you. (Please note that you must sign up using the PayPal checkout option for the 30 day free trial to work. In addition, we will not register domain names if you have requested us to do so during the free trial period. This is due to the money not being charged for domain registration the first month. I recommend taking a look at for domain registration if you choose to get a free trial special and would like your domain name right away).

I am not going to jumble up and flood this post with all of the specific things our hosting offers because it becomes too confusing. You can see what we offer on our site and ask us if you have any questions.

What we offer:
We currently offer shared and reseller hosting accounts. All of our plans come with a 30 day money back guarantee (minus the free trial accounts of course, since you wouldn't be sending any money for the first month). If you are unhappy with your service for whatever reason you can cancel and request a refund. We hold a 99.7% uptime guarantee (if we do not meet that, you request a SLA credit). Our servers have been holding strong at a 99.9% uptime pretty much since the start.

A little bit about us:
Just so you know exactly who "we" are: HyTek Hosting is owned by two people. One being myself, Josh, and the other being Andrew (not registered here). We originally were doing private hosting through but in October of 2002 we started HyTek Hosting to offer our services to the mainstream market. While we cannot publically release how large the company is, we can say that we have a significant number of customers and servers spread out across multiple datacenters. There are currently a few people that answer support requests when we cannot and keep an eye on the servers. You can find information about the networks that we utilize on our site. Currently all new customers are being deployed on to Intel P4 2.0+ and P4 Xeon 2.0+ servers located in The Planet datacenter.

How to contact us:
Support = or
Sales =
AIM Sales = hytekinnovations
Me specifically = PM or


Shared hosting specials:
-30 day free trial
-Unlimited subdomains, e-mail, ftp, and mysql database
-cPanel control panel
-All basic web hosting features (ask us if we have / support anything specific that you require)

500MB Storage
25GB Transfer

1000MB Storage
35GB Transfer

1500MB Storage
50GB Transfer

Other plans offered:
Shared hosting =
Reseller hosting =

For those that aren't interested in shelling out that much $$$ for web hosting per month, don't forget to take a look at our $3.50/month plan (250MB storage and 10GB of bandwidth transfer).

Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your support!