Our coders have been working non-stop on developing an tool for everyone and we have it finally done. We are pleased to announce the development of PHP Payment Management Tool. The script has been tested and we are ready to release it out to the public.


:: Easy Installation and Customization
:: Import Paysystems CSV with one click
:: Manual Report to view Daily Recurring Orders to be moved or billed
:: View by Date Report so you can go view the payments you missed
:: Automated Email Notification to you of the accounts needing to be moved or billed*
:: Automated Customizable Email Notification to your clients to make moving easier*
:: 1 Year Support and Free Upgrades when released


PHP 4.0 and higher
*Cron if you wish to setup the Automation


This script is only $39.95 US

For more information or to purchase go to http://www.monsterhosting.ca/payment/

If you have any questions or comments contact me at gjones@monsterhoting.ca