has been in the hosting industry for over a year. We keep one goal in mind: "Keep prices low, give the best support, and be the most reliable host on the web." With that, we bring you our plans. Feel free to browse around on Chronichosting's main page!

Starter Plan
This plan is for people who are trying to start a web community or business. This is very affordable and a good learning experience with all the programming languages that we support.
250MB Storage Space 5 GB Bandwidth, 40 Subdomains, 40 MySQL Databases
$3.50 a month
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Value Plan
The value plan is mainly for websites which have been up and running for at least a month. Most people whom choose the Value plan have a website currently and need to increase their bandwidth due to the increasing success of their website.
450MB Storage Space 9 GB Bandwidth
$6.00 a month
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Professional Plan
The Professional plan one of our more common plans for websites that are looking to upgrade from our Starter Plan. This is a good plan for those websites with unpredictable growth.
750MB Storage Space 17 GB Bandwidth
$9.50 a month
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Executive Plan
The Executive plan is for websites that have medium to large files that are being displayed on a numerous websites or on one website with a lot of traffic. Customers who usually signup for the Executive plan usually receive 1000-2000 visitors per day on their website and have high storage graphics being displayed to each visitor.
900MB Storage Space 25 GB Bandwidth
$14.50 a month
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Minor Plan
The Minor Plan is ideal for those who need the full 1 GB space for their website. Most people whom choose the Minor Plan have a lot of graphics but not a large amount of daily visitors.
1000MB Storage Space 30 GB Bandwidth
$16.95 a month
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Medium Plan
The Medium Plan has a massive 1500 mb space with 40 GB bandwidth. Though most people like to signup for the full 1500 mb storage space, most use it for saving videos and displaying them online. Examples are video editors of small online documentaries.
1500MB Storage Space 40 GB Bandwidth
$23.75 a month
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Major Plan
The Major Plan is a high storage space high bandwidth solution for popular websites with videos or pictures. The major plan is also a good solution to those whom have small sized sites full of text but yet are extremely popular. Either way the 3000 mb space that comes with this account allows massive storage room for videos or pictures.
3000MB Storage Space 80 GB Bandwidth
$39.00 a month
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Additional Features That Come With Every Plan:
*Subdomains and MySQL Database Amounts May Vary

Red Hat Linux 9.0
CPanel 9.x (Latest Version) Demo
Unlimited Autoresponders
Unlimited Add-on & Parked Domains
*Unlimited Subdomains
*Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited POP3 Mailbox
Unlimited Forwarding
Unlimited FTP Accounts
PHP 4.3.3
mySQL 4.0.12
Perl 5.61
Anonymous FTP
Analog/Webalizer Stats
Custom Error Pages
Trace Route
Cron Jobs
FrontPage 2002 Extensions
SSL (on request)
URL Redirections
Password Protected Directories
Raw Access Logs
Error Logs
Nightly Backups

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