Tired of hosting companies who take years to respond to the simplest of queries? Fed up with the way companies tell you lies & bombard you with jargon to get you to buy their latest and "greatest" hosting? Sick of poor service? Here is your answer.

MadCowHosting: No Bull, Round The Clock Support.

March Special:
All new accounts get an extra 20Gb of Data Transfer and 1 Gb extra Disk Space. Pay Annually and get Double the Bandwidth!

Starter Plan
2Gb Disk Space (3Gb with special)
30Gb Data Transfer (50Gb with special)

Calf Plan
3Gb Disk Space (4Gb with special)
40Gb Data Transfer (60Gb with special)

Cow Plan
4Gb Disk Space (5Gb with special)
60Gb Data Transfer (80Gb with special)

Bull Plan
6Gb Disk Space (7Gb with special)
100Gb Data Transfer (1200Gb with special)

All reseller accounts come with the latest cPanel/WHM, Fantastico, XController, all reseller features enabled.

Visa, Master, Discouver, Amex, and PayPal accepted.