Included .Net Features
.Net Framework installed
10meg My SQL Database
Web Mail for all your pop3 Accounts
Bandwidth Alerts
Standard Features
ASP .NET ISAPI SHTM Perl PHP & your own CGI Scripts
Unlimited MB Web Space
Un-restricted Visitor Bandwidth
Control Panel
New 2003 Web servers
24/7 FTP access
Unlimited POP3 e-mail account's
Unlimited e-mail forwarders
Catch all e-mail
CGI BIN installed
SSI - Server side includes
24/7 Support
FREE transfer away
Online upgrade facility
Secure Members Site
Available Upgrades (at any time)
FrontPage 2002 Extensions
SSL space
URL Security
Custom Error Pages
Matrix Live Stats
Virus Scanning
Spam Filtering
SMS Alerts
Site Builder
Media Streaming

Our unique Envisage shared hosting platform means that your site is hosted on not just one, but multiple high-performance web-servers ensuring maximum availability.

Your site will be hosted on the latest Microsoft 2003 IIS6 servers with full support for ASP, Perl, CGI, PHP, ISAPI and SHTML scripting.

Yes, UNLIMITED web space and NO LIMIT on visitor bandwidth.

We can do this as we have hundreds of Windows and Linux web servers and limit the space on each and then just move account onto new/other racks as they reach their limit.

We GUARANTEE you can have as much web space as you need and will NEVER charge you for visitor bandwidth.

If what we say is not true we will refund your money in full.

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