Last year we launched a new hosting service - CleanSpace Hosting, By Web Developers, For Web Developers. So far things have gone very well, so we are looking to get the word out to more of our target customers - experienced web developers.

So, for a limited time, we are offering "$1 for 6 months" hosting 100 new "invited" members (existing members, please don't abuse!).

The only condition is that you must actually use your site (put up a web site) within 30 days of sign-up. That is so you don't just park the free space and keep someone else from taking advantage of it. And, if you like our service, tell people about us.

That's it - no strings, no gimmicks. The package includes 500MB of storage, 25GB of monthly transfer, and 100 POP accounts, all in a Tier 1 data center on the industry's most highly redundant infrastructure. CGI, PHP, and Python support. Plus a proprietary control panel that puts the controls at your fingertips. See the spec details below.

After six months, if you stay on we will charge you $79 for one year ($6.58/month!), which is our special introductory rate, and you will keep that rate as long as you are a customer. Our normal rate for this package is $99/year.

Remember, this is only for the first 100 new members. So we apologize in advance if the offer has run out before you get there. If this promotion works well (people sign up, use the site, and tell their friends), we may offer it again in the future.

Good luck and happy hosting,
Michael Sattler
Founder & GM

Our Core Plan includes:

E-Mail Services
Web-based email access to any POP server through AtMail
Web-based email management console
Unlimited e-mail autoresponders
Unlimited e-mail forwarding
Unlimited e-mail aliases
Web-based mailing list manager
Web-based Spam filter system
Sendmail support
SMTP server
Default "catch all" e-mail

Web-based file manager
MySql database support
PHPMyAdmin management for MySQL
Php 4.0.6 support
Perl 5.6, with over 475 pre-installed Perl modules
Server Side Includes
Python support
Load-balanced, pool-based Apache web servers
Redundant, hot-swappable RAID-array file storage
Shared SSL support

Instant domain name transfer and setup
Web-based domain redirect management
Web-based stealth redirect management
Web-based custom zonefile management
Automatic domain renewal

Extra Features
Powerful web-based control panel
Real-time service (bandwidth, disk spage) monitoring
PhpBB Web-based bulletin board
Modification of 404 error pages
Microsoft FrontPage 2002 extentsions
Detailed web statistics (webalizer, FTP Statistics)
HTML, XHTML, VRML, WAP, WML, wireless, Shockwave, Flash, RealAudio, RealVideo ready
SiteDelux web-based site development tool
Web-based directory protection
Web-based clickthrough tracking
Access to latest FormMail processor
UPS and generator backup
and much more...