To celebrate the launch of our hosting business we are offering a very special promotional offer. We will be giving away 5 free hosting accounts.

These accounts will be our Intermediate accounts (specs shown below). These accounts will be awarded to the first 5 people that email and meet the restrictions listed below. If you meet the restrictions but need different requirements than the specs listed, email me and maybe we can work out a deal. The people that are awarded these free accounts will receive an email when their account has been set up. Everyone else will be notified when these accounts are no longer available.

We would like to also remind people that we are also running reduced prices on all of our plans until we fill our first server. There is no time limit on this offer, but once the server is filled, this offer will end.

1. You must already have a domain name (.com, .net, .org or a country domain .us,, etc.)
2. You must already have a site we can view with at least 50 hits per day (must provide logs or access to stats page)
3. Site must be in english
4. Site must be related to the web design/graphic design field
5. A small unobtrusive link at the bottom of your page "This site hosted by S+ Hosting"

Dual Xeon 2.4GHz 533MHz 512KB
1GB Crucial PC2100 Registered ECC)
2x10/100/1000 Network Controllers (Local LAN & WAN)
200MB Disk Space
2GB Bandwidth
2 MySQL databases
20 EMail accounts
Unlimited Email Aliases
Unlimited EMail Auto-Responders
Spam Assasin
Web Mail
Web Access & Error Logs
Password Protected Directories
File Manager