We are only taking 5 of these accounts.

200Gb Data Transfer
13Gb Disk Space

Why? We are increasing our memory to 1gig and will be adding a second hard drive to the server.

You will be hosting on:
2.4GHz Pentium 4
512 Megs ram (being upgraded to 1 gig)
80Gb disk
Current Server Load: .54

To see what is installed:
We can install most other cPanel friendly mods that you need.

We are running on Red Hat 9 with cPanel/WHM installed with XController and Fantastico. All normal reseller features enabled (unlimited domains, emails, ftp....)

You can resell reseller accounts!

Please visit our forums to see what our customers have to say about us http://forum.udderhosting.com/

Please visit http://udderhosting.com/clients/step_one.php?gid=1 to order this account.

(We were MadCowHositng.com, we have changed our name to avoid a copyright lawsuit)