Rixation Designs is proud to announce an upgraded plan line-up based upon months of research and customer one-on-ones. We asked our customers how much space they needed, what they expected to pay, etc...and have developed our products to match.

We also now offer payment by Paypal, Money Order, Personal Check, or Cashiers Check in cycles of 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, or 24 months!!
With that said:

Newbie Plan
400mb disk storage
4gb monthly transfer
40 e-mail accounts
Unlimited CGI/Perl, web-based e-mail, and much more!
only $4.98/month

Novice Plan
700mb disk storage
7gb monthly transfer
70 e-mail accounts
All included Newbie features and more!
only $7.98/month

Webmaster Plan
1100mb (that's 1.1 Gb) disk storage
11gb monthly transfer
Unlimited databases, DSNs, spam protection, and more!
only $11.98/month

Guru Plan
2000mb (a whopping 2 Gb) disk storage
20gb monthly transfer
Top of the line unlimited access includes anti-virus protection, web calendars, preconfigured CGI/Perl scripts, Anonymous FTP server, and so much more!
only $19.98/month

Also on special for the month of January:
Setup on all accounts is now only 98 cents!
An additional block of 10mb disk space, 98 cents!

Check out our site at http://www.rixation.com!