Two plans which were briefly decommissioned for FY03 are back by popular demand!

Mini Plan
50mb disk storage
500mb monthly transfer
1 e-mail account
Designed for the beginners or individuals with small sites; generally used for 1 or 2 pages of HTML content.
only $0.98/month -- yes, 98 cents!

Entrepreneur Plan
3.5Gb disk storage
35Gb monthly transfer
unlimited e-mail accounts, unlimited domains or subdomains, 1 static IP address, optional custom DNS servernames, and top-of-the-line features not found on any other Rixation plan!
only $33.98/month

If you are unfamiliar with our previous listings, please see for our full plan line-up.

Additionally on special this month:
Now on any order of a Novice plan or better (with a billing cycle of 12 or 24 months) get your domain name registered for FREE!

Why Rixation?
- Choose a billing plan that's right for you! We offer payment by Paypal, Money Order, Personal Check, or Cashiers Check in cycles of 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, or 24 months!

- Our servers are housed in two diverse, secure, temperature-controlled environments which are privately owned and operated solely by Rixation Designs, Ltd.

- Need a custom plan? Not a problem! Just let us know at to receive a free quote.

Check out our site at for more company information or feel free to e-mail with any questions regarding these plans.