Spamming is commerce whether we like it or not

I am a sales person for a company who provides Bullet proof hosting. Through reading many posts here I understand most of you do not approve of Spamming. I would like to say many clients of ours would not exits if it were not for spamming.( Note )I am sure most of you will give me a lot of grief about this post. Ok don't most of you also remember when porno was a bad word.Well guess what ,if it were not for porno the internet as we know it would not exist. Most of us including me receive spam every day of our lives .Yes it's a pain in the *** ,but if you don't want to receive it get off the net. Next point yes there is a cost involved in bandwidth and in man hours need to control spamming. What about all the new advances in software ? What about all the small guys developing software programs to block it . This is what we call COMMERCE. I personally believe spamming will never be stopped . Have none of you ever thought about the large companies that sell your emails. Hotmail, yahoo just a few. I cannot even tell you how many companies sell email address from there client data bases. So yes there is a cost involved. But there is also money being made because of it and advances in technology as well. Now that I have offended many people here , get over it and get on with it. Build a solution to solve it and then sell it . One last thought what about the guy who puts up a site uses a optin category from a can spam compliant mailer. The guy get a couple of complaints and his host shuts him down. I don't think that is rite. So in my conclusion here if you need a host let me know . I will be happy to host you even if you us spam as your advertising .

Bullet Proof hosting Servers, General, Adult, Casino
BULLET PROOF, Bulk email Friendly Hosting SERVERS for GENERAL, ADULT, CASINO , Spam friendly. Bulk e-Mail not a problem located offshore.

Pentium 4
2.66 GHZ
1Meg RAM
Linux / Win Server 2003, Msql,Php,ASP,FTP,Popaccounts
unlimited GIG Data Transfer/mo
up to 250 GIG Disk Space
Ultra fast redundant Connection
24 to 48 hr setup time

You most likely noticed we are not hiding like other companies. We are located
in Managua , Nicaragua .

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