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There is no way to prevent a lawsuit. There is, however a proven methodology to dramatically reduce your risk. Protection from costly, and in some cases frivolous lawsuits can be as simple as taking the proper steps with your clients, vendors and more.

The Solution

Our comprehensive Legal Form package has been developed by people who know this industry. We know what makes it tick. More importantly, we know where the risk can be. Our Legal Forms package can DRAMATICALLY reduce your liability- even prevent some lawsuits altogether.

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Our Webhosting Policy Kit contains the three most important documents any webhosting reseller needs - Terms of Service (TOS), Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), and Privacy Policy (PP). These documents serve to protect you as well as establish guidelines for your customers. In addition, our TOS, AUP, and PP, you will get our frequently asked questions templates, which covers more than 13 categories! Our FAQ section saves you time by providing your customers with the basic information they need to set up email account, file transfer, and more. Also, you will receive our About Us and Contact Us templates. These two sections help you build credibility with your potential customers. All these forms are easily edited using any text editor or word processing program and put into any website. Your Webhosting Policy Kit is sent to you in a zip format and takes only seconds to download. This package has been used in Canada, United States, and the United Kingdom.

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At, We have gathered some of the best legal contracts and documents to meet the needs of various consumers and businesses in their day-to-day activities. The contracts are separated by industry as there are some differences between legal jurisdictions for many of the contracts. For each jurisdiction, there are multiple contracts both in "fill-in-the blank" and interactive formats. Regular annual subscription price is $19.99.

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