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SuperMicro Xeon E3-1240v2 / 8GB RAM / 1 x 1000GB Hard Drive / Unlimited Bandwidth

Regular price: $ 119.99 USD

Grab now for $109.99 USD / Month


SuperMicro Xeon E3-1240v2 / 16 GB RAM / 2 x 1TB Hard Drives (RAID 1) / Unlimited Bandwidth

Regular price: $149.99 USD

Grab now for $139.99 / Month


SuperMicro Xeon E3-1240v2 / 32GB RAM / 2 x 1TB Hard Drives (RAID 1) / Unlimited Bandwidth

Regular price: $169.99 USD

Grab now for $159.99 / Month

Servers are based in USA East Coast / Chicago / Test IP:

WooServers Reviews:

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WooServers Review #4: A Network Administrator Perspective
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WooServers Review #2: My Choice Number 1 for Dedicated Servers
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WooServers Semi-managed solutions include:

24 Hour Server Activation
Full Virtualization Support
Windows Server 2012 Available
IPMI Remote Console
Availability of Managed Support
Business-Grade Hardware
Certified Datacenters
Free Faulty Part Replacement
Redundant power backup
Automated generator system
99.99% uptime guarantee.
1 Month Minimum Contract
Dedicated switch port
Full root access
Free Netscreen DoS protection
Free reboot ticket submission
Free dedicated server warranty
Free standard management
Free network support
24x7x365 technical support & network monitoring
Failed hardware replacement

Contact Us:

ICQ: 554116147
AIM/Yahoo: Wooservers
Msn: wooservers@hotmail.com
Skype: WooSales or WooServers
Email: sales@wooservers.com
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