Webservehost provides quality affordable hosting for individuals and small businesses around the web.
You can easily talk to us online using your favourite Instant Messenger- MSN AIM YIM ICQ

200 MB of Space
1 Gigabytes of Transfer
Unlimited E-mails / mySQL
Cpanel and Fantastico
Host 2 domains
2.60 dollars per month

500 MB of Space
4 Gigabytes of Transfer
Unlimited E-mails / mySQL
Cpanel and Fantastico
Host 3 domains
4.30 dollars per month

1 GB of Space
8 Gigabytes of Transfer
Unlimited E-mails / mySQL
Cpanel and Fantastico
Host 5 domains
8.50 dollars per month

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Multiple Domain Hosting

This is the unique feature of Webservehost. Divide your package into the number of domains you wish to host and get Cpanel for each one.

Reliable 24/7 Support

We provide personalized support - Email, Tickets, MSN, AIM, YAHOO, ICQ and Forums.

Friendly Team Members

Our team members will be helpful. You will be treated like people not money accounts.

Reliable Server

The server is located in NJ, NAC datacenter.


Why should i choose Webservehost?

We look after our clients with great care. We have reliable resources, reliable servers with 99% uptime guarantee. We'll give you your money back if you are not satisfied within 20 days from order. Our prices are affordable and we strive to give you top quality service.

I don't like Webservehost Plans. Do you provide custom plans?

Yes. We provide custom plans to suit special needs at a one time fee of $20. Contact sales@webservehosting.com for a quotation or contact our IM support for more specific details.

Other companies are offering unlimited bandwidth, why not at Webservehost?

There are no such things as unlimited web space and bandwidth. These companies are over-selling their resources presuming that once you are lured into buying their hosting, you won't use much space and bandwidth. If the server gets overloaded due to overselling - Reliability becomes rock bottom. Webservehost feels that this is unprofessional.

Does Webservehost over-sell?

Not at all. We give you the allocated space and bandwidth that your package comes with, it's for you and you only, nobody else is entitled to what your buy from us. This ensures quality hosting.

How do you provide support?

We believe Webservehost provides excellent support. We provide personalized support via Email, Support Tickets, MSN, AIM, YIM, ICQ and our community forum. We treat our clients with respect, not as our banking accounts.