1 GB Disk Space (more space is available for a small fee)
100 GB Transfer (legitimate, high bandwidth availability.)
1000 POP3 Email accounts (smtp provided.)
Unlimited Forwarders/ Mailing Lists/ Webmail
Great Control Panel (H-Sphere, www.psoft.net)
Instant Setup

Only $7.00 per month, with no hidden or setup fees. Over 5 years in the business.

Offer includes hosting for (1) domain name. More may be added for a small fee. You may also park domains, and have domain alias's for free. We have hosting plans on both Windows 2003, and Redhat Linux.

Visit our website at www.fast-host.com, or email us at sales@fast-host.com, Credit Cards and PayPal.com are accepted.

If you are interested in reselling for an amazingly low price, please contact us via email.

Only email, and live help requests will be answered. No forum communication.