Bullet Proof hosting Servers, General, Adult, Casino
BULLET PROOF, Bulk email Friendly Hosting SERVERS for GENERAL, ADULT, CASINO ,
Spam friendly. Bulk e-Mail server comming soon ask for details.Located offshore

Pentium 4
2.66 GHZ
1Meg RAM
Linux / Win Server 2003, Msql,Php,ASP,FTP,Popaccounts
unlimited GIG Data Transfer/mo
up to 250 GIG Disk Space
Ultra fast redutdant Connection
24 to 48 hr setup time

OS = redhat linux 9/redhat enterprise linux/Windows2003 server
Configs available: Just for starters, Prices will be going up as server stock depleats.

Mainstream 1 25MB 5GB $0 $140

Mainstream 2 50MB 10GB $0 $190

Mainstream 3 100MB 15GB $0 $240

Mainstream 4 100MB 100GB $0 $400

Adult 1 25MB 5GB $450

Adult 2 50MB 10GB $550

Adult 3 100MB 15GB $750

24/7 techincal support is NOT provided.
These servers will be managed by YOU.Limited support
We will support you as much as we can but we will not spoonfeed you.
If you require the server to be managed by us add $150.

Host adult sites/
2 pop mail per customer.
Payment by e-gold/WU(only for bulk purchases)and bank wire.
Interested contact Sales@bullet-proofhosting.com.ni

You most likely noticed we are not hiding like other companies. We are located
in Managua , Nicaragua funding information is listed on the site.

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Contact Sales@Bullet-ProofHosting.com.ni
web www.Bullet-ProofHosting.com.ni