Hello everyone,

I would like to take the time today to introduce my new company. Although there is only the hosting site up and running, there there will be a new huge community to come. Below is a list of some of the packages that I offer. If the package you require is not here, then visit our site and contact us, we will build the plan your web site requires.

At the bottom of this post is our specials, it is only a summary of discounts, to see the full savings visit our site http://www.raishosting.com/

Compare our plans.

Starter - $2/month - $24/year
20 MB Disk Space
500 MB Datatransfer (Bandwidth)
1 FTP Account
3 E-mail Accounts (POP3 Access)
1 Mailing List
1 MySQL Database
1 Subdomain

Economy - $5/month - $60/year
50 MB Disk Space
1000 MB Datatransfer (Bandwidth)
2 FTP Accounts
10 E-mail Accounts (POP3 Access)
2 Mailing Lists
2 MySQL Databases
2 Subdomains

Features - $7/month - $84/year
75 MB Disk Space
1250 MB Datatransfer (Bandwidth)
5 FTP Accounts
20 E-mail Accounts (POP3 Access)
10 Mailing Lists
5 MySQL Databases
15 Subdomains

Deluxe - $10/month - $120/year
100 MB Disk Space
2 GB Datatransfer (Bandwidth)
10 FTP Accounts
40 E-mail Accounts (POP3 Access)
20 Mailing Lists
10 MySQL Databases
30 Subdomains

Premium - $15/month - $180/year
250 MB Disk Space
3 GB Datatransfer (Bandwidth)
20 FTP Accounts
60 E-mail Accounts (POP3 Access)
30 Mailing Lists
15 MySQL Databases
Unlimited Subdomains

Each Account Comes With:
FrontPage extensions
Custom Error Pages
Protected Directories
Shopping Cart
and much more!

Order Soon to while the Grand Opening Specials are in effect. Special Prices are listed on the site. Summary of specials Monthly: $1.00 to $3.00 off of regular monthly price for the first six months of account membership. This offer ends July 31, 2004.
Yearly: You can save up to $40.00, depending on the plan you order. This offer ends June 30, 2004.