Ah finally after so long and weeks of inactivity we have got a scheduled date for the launch of our services.

This will be just pure space for people who already have a website but not enough space or bandwidth to start giving you users the downloads that you wanted.

The plan is available only for people with current websites with around a year of operation and with upto 100,000 raw page views a month. ( You will need your own domain name )
Space would be from 1GB to 100GB depending on the requirement and site of the owner.
Bandwidth is capped by your Throttle Maximun speed of either 128 or 256kps transfer.

What user of this service needs to do is to place a link and banner on his current site and also a pop-up would generate on every download.

We are taking orders for interested parties.
Please note that a terms of agreement paper is required to be signed for this to ensure that the content you upload is your own responsibility. ( Minors would require a parent or guardian signature )

eMail me at webmaster@galacnet.com if you fulfill the requirements
See Ya