Hey, This is a sweet deal that me and my partner are going to be offering for a very short time.

Here goes... You get a 20GB HardDrive and 10TB of bandwidth on the Voxel servers... the specs are below and the link will take you to a document with more information about the Voxel network... This server is constantly updated and when PHP 5 is ready it'll have it as soon as it comes out. The servers are hosted on Linux Servers. The control panel is cPanel the best of the best, go ahead check their site out. You get unlimited resources like: E-mail, SQL Databases, FTP accounts. This is the perfect server for reselling to people that need lots of bandwidth!

PRICE $160 a Month

The break down....

* Voxel Network 100MBit
* 20GB HD
* 10TB of DataTranfer (Yes 10 TerraBytes!)
* Unlimited Resources (E-Mail, Accounts, DataBases, FTP.. etc)

Click here for Infomation about Voxel Networks

PRICE $160 a Month

Server Information:
Genuine HP Server
Processor 2 x 2.4 Hyperthreading Intel XEON® (DUAL Processors)
1 GB memory
100mbps Port
Private VLAN (If we add more servers in the future, they are all in a private LAN so they can send files back and forth very quickly)
Includes cPanel

If you have any questions please let me know... Payment will be through PayPal.

Post your questions here so I can answer them.

You can msg me...
AOL - StormlifterNET
ICQ - 297047789

Or e-mail me