We have just started a new hosting company at UserUnfriendly.com. We
think our company offers something different for its members... Extra
sarcastic support.

Whenever you have a problem, and you ask the techs at your hosting company for
help, do you ever get the feeling that they don't like your question? Does it
make you think that they are lying to you, or that they're purposefully not
helping you because
you're a "newbie"? We hate that too. That's why when you sign up with us,
and have a question, and we think it's dumb, we will tell you.

We won't beat around the bush. We don't want you to be unhappy, so we'll do
our best to help you out when you need it. If we don't know how to do
something (very
rare), we will tell you. We will work with you to figure out a
resolution, in this case. We also invite you to treat us the way we
expect to treat our clients. If we don't know something, and you do,
Let us know! We're very open about this, and expect you to be too.

We are looking for sadastic tech-savy clients with a penchant for
nit-pickery. We are looking for people who want to set up a blog, so we
have good material for making fun. We are looking for users that "build"
their site with FrontPage and/or Dreamweaver. We are looking for
beginning coders, and cocky web designers. We want to have a plethera of
genius and idiot alike. We want you to host with us.

That's why we're offering a free deal for the month of August. If you
sign up this month for an account (any account), it will be free for one
month. But, at the end of the month, you will be billed for the next
month's hosting, if you choose to move on with our servers. And with a
99.9% uptime guarantee and 90-day money back guarantee, I'm sure you will.
You can choose to ride the fun train, or move on, but
it's free hosting! How can you go wrong with no obligations?

We ask that you at least just check us out. We are located at
. We have our own Linux (Fedora) servers in Orlando, and
use CPanel software. We have reseller
accounts, hosting accounts, mail only accounts, and our own "Create-A-Package"
feature. This is a new thing, where for a small fee, you can customize your
hosting package with us. We even let you suggest your own price, and we will
have our Sales Dept approve/disapprove your package. All reasonable offers are
accepted at UserUnfriendly.

All of our staff is inhouse, meaning, we all know how
to handle each and every part of your questions. We don't have to toss you
around to department to department for help. If you have any further
shoot us an email at sales@userunfriendly.com, and
we'll get back to you in a timely manner.

See you soon!