Letís be upfront here. Our services are not the cheapest on this forum neither are our services the cheapest on the internet. We strive to provide quality web hosting for all our clients while pricing our packages competitively.

Our main philosophy: NEVER OVERSELL. We do not oversell any of our resources and we put that in writing. According to our research, websites hosted on servers which are NOT oversold tend to achieve better uptime, faster speeds and overall, better reliability. We are confident that we will outperform your expectations, that we not only provide independent uptime statistics to prove it, but also back it up with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

|| Order any package and we will transfer your website to our servers for free.
|| Your email will not experience any disruption during the transfer.

Questions? Call 1.800.96.OSGEN

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From Our Websiteís About Us Section
No overselling - Guaranteed!
Overselling - defined as to contract to sell more of than can be delivered - is practiced widely not only in the telecommunications industry but also in the web hosting industry. However, we do not believe this is the way to operate as a web host. We believe in giving our clients the resources which they pay for. Therefore, when you purchase a plan with 1GB of space, you are guaranteed 1GB of space. Similarly, if you purchase 100GB of bandwidth, you are guaranteed 100GB of bandwidth regardless of how soon you use it. Hence, through our policies of not overselling our resources, our servers experience a lower load, and our clients experience superior uptime and reliability. We are so confident that our anti-overselling policies result in improved performance, that we publish our independent uptime statistics and server performance for everyone (both current and prospective clients).

No overage auto billing
Do you expect to exceed your monthly bandwidth? Rest assured that we won't unscrupulously bill your credit card as a result. As part of running an ethical business, we inform our clients that their guaranteed bandwidth limit is approaching. Our clients then have the option of either taking corrective action, purchasing additional bandwidth, or having their website temporarily taken offline. We believe this enhances our credibility and enhances client satisfaction.

Strict anti-spam policies
We believe that by having a strict anti-spamming policy, we will be able to deliver quality email service to our clients. When a host does not monitor email traffic or condones spamming, emails sent by their clients tend to be rejected by most ISP or get caught by spam filters. Our proactive approach to combat spamming involves monitoring email traffic and taking firm action against those who decide to violate our terms of service.

Financial strength (Dun & Bradstreet Listed)
Did you know that every minute a business is started
Every 3 minutes a business fails
Every 8 minutes a business files for bankruptcy
At Osgen, you can depend our financial strength and be confident that we will be around for years to come to serve your website. We are a financially solid company, build with vast amounts of capital to weather the worst of storms. Despite recent failures in the industry, we have remained strong and competitive. We have continually spent and invested in our capital assets to further develop and expand. Furthermore, in an effort to plan for our future growth, we have formed an advisory committee which consist of top corporate bankers and former E&Y Cap Gemini Consultants to provide financial guidance to our company.
In an effort to prove our financial stability, we continually publish our company's financial statements, in common form, on our website to give all our clients a sense of our financial health. For clients wishing to obtain more information about us, our corporate profile or our credit history, please contact:

Dun and Bradstreet
103 JFK Parkway,
Short Hills, NJ 07078
United States of America
Our D-U-N-S number is 205545309
Introductory Special
[X] 25GB Monthly Bandwidth GUARANTEED
[X] 2 Add-on Domains
[X]15 Parked Domains
[X] 250 Sub Domains
[X] 2 MySQL Databases
[X] 200 IMAP/POP3 Email Accounts

[X] $6.95 a month

>> Osgen Network Services Inc. >> www.osgen.net


Client Support
> 24/7 Technical Support
> North American Toll Free Telephone Support
> Live Support Chat
> Quick Response Email
> Flash Tutorials
> Extensive Online Documentation
> Fax
> United Kingdom Telephone Number

E-Commerce Features
>> Secure Server (SSL Certificate Required)
>> Content Management & Guestbook
>> Osgen Small Business Directory Listing
>> Automatic Search Engine Submission
>> PHP Chat & Forums
>> Shopping Cart Software

Advanced Features
>> Fantastico Script Library
>> Pre-Installed CGI & PHP Scripts
>> Password Protected Directories
>> Windows Media Compatible
>> Real Media Compatible
>> Server Side Includes
>> Custom Error Pages
>> Private CGI-BIN
>> Hotlink Protection
>> IP Deny Manager
>> Image Manager
>> Leech Protect
>> Perl, PHP
>> MIME Types
>> Raw Access Logs
>> Referrer Statistics
>> Site Statistics (Urchin & Webalizer)
>> Bandwidth Usage Statistics
>> Wireless Access Protocol Ready

Email Features
>> POP3 & IMAP Accounts
>> Email Auto-Responders
>> Email Distribution List
>> Email Forwarders
>> Email Filtering
>> Advanced Spam Protection
>> BoxTrapper Spam Protection
>> Secure SMTP Servers
>> Secure Web Mail Access
>> Secure POP3 & IMAP Access
>> GnuPG
>> Mailing List
>> Email Catch-all
>> Blackberry Compatible
>> Accounts Configured in Real Time
>> Outlook Express Auto Configuration

Server Information
Your website will be stored in The Planetís world class datacentre. The datacenter features a 13GBPS connection with 2 backup generators and uninterruptible power supply. Our servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and kept up to date with the latest operating system and software. All accounts come with an extremely user friendly graphical control panel which allows you to easily change settings on your account.

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>> Osgen Network Services Inc. >> www.osgen.net


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