Just announcing that our packages are now available from an additional datacenter in texas.

The package overview is at:

500 MB Space
25 GB Transfer
$ 3.99/mo
$ 19.99/6 mo

1 GB Space
40 GB Transfer
$ 6.99/mo
$ 34.99/6 mo

2 GB Space
55 GB Transfer
$ 12.99/mo
$ 64.99/6 mo

5 GB Space
70 GB Transfer
$ 17.99/mo
$ 89.99/6 mo

7 GB Space
85 GB Transfer
$ 22.99/mo
$ 114.99/6 mo

10 GB Space
100 GB Transfer
$ 37.99/mo
$ 189.99/6 mo

choose between CPanel and DirectAdmin.

Unlimited E-mail accounts
Both Pop3 and webmail
E-mail Autoresponder
Mailing list Management
Unlimited FTP accounts
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited Parked domains
Unlimited MySQL Databases

If you have any questions, mail to info@finexe.com

To see a comparison between the control panels and what more the servers offer look at

about finexe:

I started out making a host review site for only free hosting. One thing led to another and I made another site delivering the whole range of web master services. From registering a domain to create a web site to hosting it. I have been a web programmer for 5 years, although the most of work will be done by affiliates, freelancing individuals or smaller companies that make an effort to give a high quality service and customer care. The prices are always the same whether a customer approaches each individual or through my company.

The market for this type of services are saturated in US. In fact you see a lot of unlimited space unlimited bandwidth offers for cheap, when the resources are in fact never unlimited themselves. Therefore you can only expect that "you get what you pay for". Many of these companies are start ups and after a while they realize they have very hard competition, that they don't earn as much as they thought, and the job is a whole lot more time consuming and harder than they previously thought, so they call it quits. It is therefore a good idea to be careful and only pay monthly even though they try to promote their long term hosting plans with free domains, free months etc..

The hosting we provide is through two smaller server providers, they are never paid other than monthly each, even if the customers buy whole years hosting, in case they misbehave customers can be moved elsewhere. This is a strength you do not have as a single customer otherwise. The packages are relatively cheap with good bandwidth, something many providers cannot provide as they buy reseller packages and are limited to those. The hosting is not burdened with cost of unused space, nor limited by anything other than the servers capacity. In addition the operators provide around the clock support.

So I thought if fellow webmasters here need any of services we, me and my affilates, can provide, or know anyone needing such, you are very welcome to look at what we can offer. I think the offers are affordable, give a good level of security, functional servers, support when needed..

any comments gladly accepted