I bet many of you have heard of us before, and here we are again. Below are our current plans. Scroll down to see our current special offer!!

Plan: HV-1
100Mb Disk Space
2000Mb Bandwidth/Month
5 Ftp Accounts
5 Email Accounts

Plan: HV-2
300Mb Disk Space
8000Mb Bandwidth/Month
10 Ftp Accounts
10 Email Accounts

Plan: HV-3[Domain Only]
500Mb Disk Space
10000Mb Bandwidth
20 Ftp Accounts
20 Email Accounts

ALL of the above plans come with:
MySQL Databases
cPanel 9.x
Fantastico Deluxe 2.8
99.9% Uptime
Great Support!

cNX 2 WEEKS Special!!!!!
From now until October 18, 2004. You will be an opportunity to obtain a hosting account, either HV-1 or HV-3(domain) plan with us for just 5 good posts in our forum!! With all the original features! What are you waiting for? Head to http://www.centaurinetx.com/forums and get your hosting account today! Our 1 day old account rule is not included in this offer. So you can get your account as soon as you reach 5 posts.

3 Easy steps to get hosting:
-Register as a forum member
-Posts 5 good posts in an already built community
-Register for an account!

For more information please visit:

If you have any questions feel free to check out and post on our forum: http://www.centaurinetx.com/forums, that usually will get you a faster respond. Or you can post your question here.