iCubator Labs Custom Web Hosting takes an innovative, uncomplicated, and unique approach to Web hosting by offering only one base hosting plan for both Windows and Unix with the ability to custom add the components your particular Web site needs. We bring customized Web hosting to the forefront and offer a 60-day money back guarantee! We are TRUE custom hosting with a friendly staff of expert engineers, an extensive help system, message boards, and downloadable software. iCubator Labs is Pioneering Web Presence.

iCubator Labs (ICL) was founded on the basis of quality service with fast response, backed by expert engineers to support the vast and diverse needs of the Webmasters community. From the most popular mainstream technologies to the deep inner-workings of object models such as XML, SOAP, ADO, PHP, MySQL, Perl, etc., ICL offers it all.

We offer excellent options and opportunities for Resellers. What Webmasters traditionally call a Reseller Program, iCubators Labs Custom Web Hosting (ICL) considers as a Partnership Program. ICL’s Reseller Program offers a wealth of benefits not offered anywhere else on the Web. Ever heard of a Reseller Program with stock options? Email me to find out more!

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At iCubator Labs, we give you quality, value, support, resources and a community of fellow entrepreneurs and friends. Check iCubator Labs out today and just use the email below if you have any questions!