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Cloudcom feature Complete Anti DDoS Protection via private developed attack mitigation technology-based DDoS Protected European Network based in Zurich, Switzerland.

We also provide DDoS protected game servers.
As a gift to the gamers we would like to offer Gamma S Server available as a sponsor server for Minecraft, Lineage or CounterStrike, FREE OF CHARGE with 10 gbps DDoS protection.

Play without headache!

E3-1230V2 Xeon Ivy Bridge 3.3Ghz - 16GB ECC FBDIMM DDR2 RAM 2x1TB SATA 2

Feel free to contact us for further assistance.

DDoS Protection by Cloudcom

In addition the attacks frequently lead to loss of customer base and business reputation. Cloudcom DDoS Protected Servers offer a complex solution to prevent or repair the damage done by DDoS attacks. Our professionals will ensure 24/7 server monitoring and technical assistance as needed.
But how can i get my own ? i need my own plzz