Ok, I requested awhile back but my plans sort of fell through, for last year in december..
So I will be getting one in feb. or march I believe.
(sorry if it's winded)

Ok, first of all, for pricing, I can go up to $250.00 USD monthly or $3,000.00 USD yearly.
Anything higher is out of my range. (not including setup fee's and such)

But this is the specs I am shooting for as minimum possibly.

120GB Total HardDrive space (up to 160gb if possible)
1200GB Total Bandwidth monthly (up to 1500gb if possible - 100mbps Burstable(perferred))
Dual Intel Xeon™ 2.0GHz (or higher on speed)

For features:
Webhost Manager (WHM) Control Panel for me
cPanel (8.0+) Control Panel for my clients or accounts
Unlimited Domains/Subdomains/Domain Pointers/POP3 Email accounts/FTP accounts
Web Mail Access
Email Autoresponders/Forwarders/Aliases
Catch-all Email feature (if possible)
SMTP Mail Server
SPAM Filtering
Perl latest version
PHP latest version
MySQL Server & Databases (also latest version)
Python, Tcl C, C++
FrontPage Extensions
Server Side Includes(SSI)
WWW and Non-WWW Access
Protected Directories
Customizable 404 Error Pages
Web statistics
Online File Manager
SSH Access
Search Engine Submission (optional)
24/7 Customer Support

99.8% Uptime Guarantee or higher if possible.
Full Root Access
Monthly contract if possible.
Private/Public nameservers
More then 10 IP addresses. (up to 50 if possible, optional though)

Also, I would like to run gameservers (UT2003, Call of Duty, Etc..) without hassle and such. (aka install the linux version on the server) (I don't want to pay an extra $80 monthly for a gameserver host to play on, otherwise I would just do that)

I would also like to be able to run teamspeak2 and ventrilo voice software (linux) on the server so i dont have to keep paying for my current voice server.

I also plan to do gameserver hosting and such like that so if the server could include like https:// and a shopping cart and such..

And last but not least, would like it to be managed

em@il: a1t@anykeygaming.com
aim: altgamer
yim: alternativegamer
msn: alternativegamer@hotmail.com
icq: 165913428